Open City with the Red Balloon Gals

I teamed up with the fabulous and fun Red Balloon Gals recently for a photo-shoot taking full advantage of I Love Locals HFX's Open City event. I was thrilled to spend the day with Laura and Colette tracking down all the delicious treats on offer during this yearly spring event. It was the perfect day for an urban adventure on foot; we kept going until we were full and our feet were sore!

Red Balloon describes it best!

“Let’s meet for breakfast and spend the WHOLE day together while you shoot our business photos AND the entire Open City event,” we said with Will-Ferrel-as-Elf-like enthusiasm.

This is how our relationship with Michelle goes. We suggest something fun and adventurous and she, in her ever-even way, laughs at us and happily rolls with the punches. We adore that she’s up for anything, never asks “do you really want to do that?” and always makes us look our best. That’s been our previous experience at other photo shoots when we’ve been riding slides at the Carnival and wearing onesies and silly hats in front of a white seamless backdrop. We’ve asked her to work with a lot of…usual…scenarios. She’s yet to say no.

Our shoot during Open City 2015, was no exception. We literally traipsed all over the city, going from brunch to brewery, bakery to candy shop, oyster shack to back alleys. In between we had multiple wardrobe changes and adjustments. We bumped into long-lost–friends and stopped to look at all the pretty things. Amidst our usual silliness, Michelle just kept smiling and snapping.

Except for when she skillfully adjusted our hair or wardrobe, we wouldn’t have even known we were on a photo shoot – we were having too much fun. We were at ease and relaxed, never feeling like we had to be “on”. It was just another day, laughing and engaging in good cheer with our photographer-turned-dear-friend who happened to be carrying a camera that magically captured stellar images we love.