About Me

Halifax will always be my home. I could never live away from this unique and special place by the ocean.

While I have lived by the sea in other provinces and countries, my connection to Canada’s east coast is strong. I’m proud to be a Maritimer. I love the warm, friendly people; the growing arts, culture and culinary scenes; the passion of local business owners connecting with our community and the multi-generational families who live here. I see the stories in all aspects of this city; and am moved to share them through my photography.

As a designer and photographer I’m inspired by the colour and composition I see everywhere I go. You can find me walking around town with my camera, shooting events like I Love Local HFX’s Open City and City Harvest, taking advantage of the visual vibrancy of this city. If I’m not on foot, I’m on my lime green vintage Vespa escaping the city for some quiet time by the ocean. When I'm craving a change of scenery, I travel... as much as possible! I always come home to Halifax though, and always will.