Mocean Dance – Rehearsal Shoot

Having a sneak peek behind the scenes is fantastic! I love watching Mocean Dance's performances even more when I've had a chance to see where all of the hard work really takes place. When I'm photographing a rehearsal I get to follow the movement, circle the dance floor, climb up on the window sills and hide under the piano. It's intuitive, I just follow along with the movements I see that inspire me.

I enjoy seeing a professional team work so well together. I've been following Mocean Dance for years now and am blown away by their commitment to emotionally engaging performances. Looking forward to seeing how this piece develops and presents in the spring! Stay tuned for more details and check out Mocean Dance's website.

"Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mocean Dance creates and performs athletic, vibrant contemporary dance. Led by Artistic Director, Susanne Chui and Artistic Associate, Sara Coffin, this versatile creation company commissions Canadian choreographers and company members to create dance that is highly physical, collaborative, and technically and emotionally rich. Mocean Dance tours internationally, delivering performances that engage audiences, and offering outreach activity to support the growth of contemporary dance in Canada."

Choreographer: Serge Bennathan
Dancers: Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker, Susanne Chui, Sara Coffin, Gillian Seaward-Boone
Rehearsal Director: Sara Harrigan
Understudy: Kathleen Doherty