Red Balloon: It's Kind of Like a Carnival!

As a photographer who loves vibrant colour, big smiles and lots of laughter, this photo shoot with Colette and Laura of Red Balloon is easily one of my favorites. The concept they brought to me to launch their brand new website was the carnival. Yes please, sign me up! These images are full of energy, whimsy and joy... everything you can expect from an experience with Red Balloon! I love the positive energy these ladies bring to everything they do. We share a commitment to being an active part of the creative culture here in Halifax and an appreciation of local food and wine (this is important!) There is nothing I love more than connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs to collaborate on creative projects. I'm very proud of this shoot and so thrilled to see Red Balloon be so bold with their creative ideas.

Congratulations to Colette and Laura on your stunning new Red Balloon website!