Two Gold Rings | Susanne and Doug

I absolutely love doing engagement photography sessions with my couples before their big wedding day. It gives us a chance to hang out, get to know each other and have some fun taking photos! Sue and Doug had some great suggestions for our Halifax waterfront engagement session and I was excited to collaborate with them on creative ideas. I feel really lucky to be working with two local artists; Sue is an amazing dancer and choreographer and Doug is a talented percussionist and musician. They sometimes collaborate on performances with other dancers and musicians and I had the opportunity to photograph one called Threnodies last year. I'm happy to share these engagement photos and have lots of great ideas for the upcoming wedding in Inverness, Cape Breton. I'm looking forward to photographing some stunning scenery and meeting Sue and Doug's friends and family.

I noticed during our shoot that they both wear gold engagement rings they bought at the market... I love this idea!

Congratulations to Sue and Doug, can't wait for the wedding!