Capturing the Spirit of an Event Through Photography

Special thanks to Krista Montelpare for this special guest post sharing our experience working together at the BlogJam Atlantic events.

Planning an event can be one of the most ridiculous combinations of exciting, exhausting, stressful, fun, and rewarding. Large scale events can take months of organizing, researching, and team meetings to lay the groundwork for success. Often, despite the endless hours of work leading up to it, the event itself disappears in a flash. As an organizer, so much effort can be dedicated to making sure everything is running smoothly that we often forget to stop for a second and absorb the day.

Enter a great event photographer.

When Michelle offered to take on the task of Official BlogJam Atlantic Photographer, I think the wave of excitement and relief could be felt across the whole of Atlantic Canada. Knowing that we would have someone who we could trust to capture the most important moments of the event allowed for myself and the other BlogJam Directors and volunteers to maintain our focus on all the other aspects of BlogJam.

BlogJam 2017 – Keynote: Elayna Fernández, The Positive MOM

BlogJam 2017 – Keynote: Elayna Fernández, The Positive MOM

Events and conferences have so many moving parts that it’s easy to become overwhelmed or lost in the moment. As an organizer, I look forward to being able to see the pictures afterwards to simply catch up on everything I may have missed amongst the people and the projectors, the tables and the booths. Michelle is able to move through the crowded rooms and halls displaying the perfect balance of talent and professionalism — with just a sprinkle of the whimsy for which BlogJam is known.

Being in all the places at once.

Every event planner will tell you that — no matter how many volunteers there may be on hand — when it comes to the big day, our truest wish is to be able to clone ourselves so that we can see first hand all the fruits of our labour. Large or small, there are moments happening throughout the day that are so easily overlooked. Sometimes it’s a reunion of former attendees and sometimes it’s new friends enjoying coffee as they head to their next sessions; Michelle catches these glimpses of event happenings for all to enjoy.

BlogJam 2016 – Keynote: Erica Em, Yummy Mummy Club.

BlogJam 2016 – Keynote: Erica Em, Yummy Mummy Club.

Personally, while posed group photos are always a fun reminder of the event, my favourite shots are of the brave folks who take the stage (sometimes for the first time). So many of us are fueled by adrenaline and nerves that it’s great to be able to see how everything appeared from an audience perspective. While I sometimes find myself reassuring nervous presenters that they sounded great and looked confident, it’s not until they see Michelle’s picture that they believe me!


Memories that last.

Post event, once all the tables have been cleared and the participants have headed home, it often takes some time to reflect on what was experienced, learned, or discovered. Having a collection of beautiful memories captured by Michelle means that we can relieve the success of the day — not to mention, be able to see all the moments as others enjoyed them.